Axle Health: Bringing Virtual Care to Patient Doorsteps

May 26, 2021

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Connor Adam Axle Health

When we met Connor Hailey and Adam Stansell, founders of Axle Health, we knew immediately that we had found the perfect pair to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person care

As college friends at Columbia and engineering and product leaders at ZocDoc and Uber, Connor and Adam are driven by a shared vision for efficient, empathetic care that offers a seamless experience across delivery models. They’re building essential infrastructure to bring this vision to reality, and we’re privileged to partner with them. 

As investors in digital health companies like Recora Health, Neura Health, and June Motherhood, we have seen how more than 80% of patients plan to use telehealthcare even after the pandemic (compared to only 8% who used video visits previously). While telehealth served a vital role in bringing care to patients during the pandemic and increasing healthcare access more broadly, it has its limitations. Patients still require basic physical services, whether a blood draw to determine what’s causing fatigue, an injection to quell migraines, or a booster vaccination against a virus. 

Connor and Adam opened our first meeting with the question that led them to launch Axle: What if we could combine the improved efficiency and access of virtual doctor visits with the convenience of having care administered in a patient’s home? 

Axle Health has created a first-of-its-kind software platform that enables any company to add in-home visits to their patient offering. Delivering in-home care is incredibly complex, requiring trained health professionals, scheduling, optimized routing, remittance, and record keeping. 

Axle eliminates this complexity by offering a simple API that dispatches in-home professionals to provide clinical service offerings. With Axle, providers can concentrate on delivering a great experience across the entire patient journey. Since its launch in 2020, Axle Health has powered thousands of in-home visits on behalf of their provider and health plan partners. Their novel model has already demonstrated substantial savings and increased quality of care. 

We were extraordinarily impressed with Axle’s solution, and so were our portfolio digital health companies, who validated the need to outsource the burden of in-person care management and resoundingly endorsed Connor and Adam. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Pear VC is leading Axle’s Health seed fundraising round, joined by a talented group of investors including Wisdom Partners, Rebel Fund, Pioneer Fund, Soma Capital, and Company Ventures and YCombinator. We are also joined in the round by brilliant advisors and founders of Eden Health, CareRev, and Quit Genius, as well as Nikhil Krishnan of Out of Pocket and former executives at One Medical. This funding will expand service offerings to meet more customer needs and attract top talent to Axle Health. 

We’re honored to support Axle Health’s vision in making seamless virtual-to-in-home care the standard in the US healthcare system. We look forward to expanding our healthcare portfolio and back incredible founders supporting them in their journey! If you’re looking to transform the healthcare space, or are a founder interested in working with us, please reach out to us at,, and

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