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November 8, 2021



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Pear VC Hiring Visiting Partner

Pear’s Visiting Partner program is for experienced founders and operators seeking to learn the full toolkit of early-stage VC through sourcing, diligence, and advising. 

This is a 6 month commitment, either part-time or full-time, with an opportunity to become an investment partner at Pear. Out of the past four Pear Visiting Partners, two have joined Pear full-time as investment partners, one continues to work with us part-time, and one is launching their own fund.  

In order to cultivate a more inclusive venture ecosystem, it’s important that funds like us continue to post open roles publicly. We are committed to building a diverse team internally, across our portfolio, and within the other Pear programs.

Pear partners with founders early to build indispensable, lasting companies

Pear VC is a leading early stage fund based in Palo Alto and San Francisco. We’ve partnered at the seed stage with world changing startups now worth over $100 billion, including Doordash, Gusto, Branch, Vanta, and Guardant Health.

Having founded and sold eight companies ourselves, we understand the challenges of building a company. We are founders’ thought partners as they iterate on the path towards product market fit. Along the way, we strive to ground founders in the hard truths, and to pull them out of the lows. 

Visiting Partner Role

As a Visiting Partner, you will work with other Pear investors and early-stage founders to build indispensable, lasting companies through working with our current portfolio, as well as leading and executing on new investments. We are looking for a 6 month or more commitment, either part time or full time, with an opportunity to become an investment partner at Pear.

Responsibilities include:

  • Learn the investment process end to end from sourcing, evaluating, and selecting investment opportunities, including our next batch of Pear Winter Accelerator companies and seed investments. 
  • Advocate for new investments in partner investment meetings and participate in team discussions on new investment opportunities broadly.
  • Bring creativity and innovation to the Pear programs from innovating on Accelerator to helping Pear be the best partner to startups
  • Serve as a thought partner and advisor to Accelerator startups over the course of the accelerator and participate in weekly check-ins with Accelerator companies to address various aspects of company building (fundraising, GTM, hiring, product-market fit, demo-day prep, etc.)
  • Develop and build broader relationships across the startup ecosystem including VCs, founders, partnerships and potential talent for recruiting

Pear Accelerator 

The Pear Accelerator is a three-month long bootcamp culminating in a demo day to thousands of top investors. It includes a tailored curriculum and program across finding product-market fit, hiring your first employees, closing your first customers, fundraising your Series A and beyond. Pear Accelerator has been the birthplace of category-defining companies Affinity, Xilis, Capella Space, Nova Credit, Cardless,, and more in our ever-growing Pear family. This winter, for the first time, we are offering teams an investment of $500k at a $10M valuation cap. 

Providing founders personal, hands-on help is our first priority. We intentionally accept a small cohort to foster a tight community, allowing our partners to spend quality time with each Accelerator team. 

What We’re Looking For

You’re aligned with Pear’s investment approach and are looking forward to working closely with early-stage teams. We are looking for a combination of grit, resourcefulness, experience, deep subject knowledge, and a genuine passion for helping founders go from idea to IPO.

Our ideal candidate is a former founder and someone who can provide first-hand experience and advice to our Accelerator teams. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, but you also have the knowledge and wisdom to be a thought partner to our companies. 

As long as you think you can be successful in this role, we would be happy to consider you as a candidate. From our years of investing, we know that VC is often a game of exceptions.

Apply Here

We also love referrals, please send them our way. We take confidentiality very seriously. As a venture fund, our reputation is our currency.