PearX is our early-stage bootcamp for founders with high potential ideas. We invest $250k – $2m in each company. We believe our small-cohort, 14-week program creates the highest likelihood of startup success.

We are very selective with our PearX investments (less than 1% acceptance rate). Our track record is strong: 85% of our PearX companies go on to raise a successful round from tier 1 investors. Over 100 companies have gone through PearX to date including companies like Branch, Affinity, Aurora Solar, and

Our take on company building Apply to PearX Summer 2024

$250K – $2M


Our Verticals

PearX covers all verticals including Consumer, SaaS, Enterprise Tech, Healthcare, Deep Tech, Fintech, Biotech, Climate Tech, and AI. We have two specialized tracks of PearX: our AI Track and our Builders Track.

What you’ll get

Pear partners with you at every step of your journey.


We provide you with the capital needed to kickstart your company. We write pre-seed checks ranging from $250k-$2M. 


Camp Pear

PearX kicks off with Camp Pear, a three-day immersive founder retreat to build community and learn the foundations of company building.

Pear Studio

We offer our founders free space in both San Francisco and Menlo Park, which serves as a collaborative work environment for founders and entrepreneurs.

In-House Recruiting

Each of our PearX founders receives a dedicated talent partner to help coach, guide, and directly recruit for you. Whether you need a cofounder, your first engineer or an early product designer, we help you make that hire. In the last batch alone, we made 20 offers to candidates for our PearX companies.

Fundraising support

We make it our mission to help you raise the capital you need. We work tirelessly on pitch decks, investor intros, back channeling and help you negotiate and close your round. Last batch we facilitated over 250 investor intros for our companies.

Community of founders

PearX is all about the power of community. You’ll work alongside like-minded founders and build a strong community throughout the program.

Speakers Series

We bring in expert speakers to inspire and share learnings with our founders. Past speakers have included: Andy Fang (DoorDash), Stanley Tang (DoorDash), Keyvan Mohajer (SoundHound), Arash Ferdowsi (Dropbox), Alex Pall (The Chainsmokers), Edward Kim (Gusto), Laszlo Bock (Google), Doug Leone (Sequoia Capital), and more.

1:1 support

We keep PearX small so that each founder receives 1:1 individualized support. You’ll be paired up with a Partner on our investing team to meet on a weekly basis throughout the program. As a team we’ve started and sold over 10 companies and know what it takes to get a company off the ground.

Mentor network

We have an extensive mentorship network so you can receive expert advice with deep domain expertise.

How PearX works

Phase 1: Idea development


  • Customer development
  • Strategic market positioning
  • Big company story development
  • Defining key team needs
  • Defining key KPIs for the program

Phase 2: Execution

WEEKS 5-10

  • Build initial MVP
  • Get early customer traction and data
  • Go-to-market experimentation and development
  • Iterate until you get it right
Seven Starling founder Tina works on her computer

Phase 3: Demo Day prep

WEEKS 11-14

  • Demo day/fundraising preparation
  • Develop the pitch and iterate on the Demo Day deck
  • Create fundraising strategy

Phase 4: Demo Day and fundraising


  • Pitch to 1,000 investors
  • Help you vet term sheets, negotiate the best terms, and close your seed round
Spirals presents at Demo Day







Every batch 80+% of companies raise from tier 1 institutional investors.

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The best in your corner.

Stan Tang headshot

Stan Tang

Co-Founder & CPO Doordash

link team
Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree Warrior

Founder & CEO Fable, Former CTO Cisco, Board Spotify & Microsoft

link team
dennis woodside

Dennis Woodside

President Freshworks, Former President Impossible Foods

link team
tomer london

Tomer London

Co-founder & CPO Gusto

link team
Cathy Polinski

Cathy Polinsky

CTO Data Grail, Board of Aetion

link team
armando mann

Armando Mann

President Hopin

link team
arash ferdowsi

Arash Ferdowsi

Pear Visiting Partner, Co-founder DropBox

link team
matthew prince

Matthew Prince

Co-founder & CTO Cloudflare

link team
Monishika Gupta headshot

Monishika Gupta

Senior PM at WellBeam

link team
Mada Seghete headshot

Mada Seghete

Co-founder and VP Marketing at Branch

link team
Doug Levin headshot

Doug Levin

Lecturer at Harvard Business School

link team
Yasi Baiani headshot

Yasi Baiani

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Raya

link team
Hongxia Zhong headshot

Hongxia Zhong

Director of Engineering at Flex

link team
Anand Lyer headshot

Anand Iyer

Managing General Partner at Canonical Ventures

link team
Ash Rust headshot

Ash Rust

Managing Partner at Sterling Road

link team
Aunkur Arya headshot

Aunkur Arya

Venture Partner at Menlo Ventures

link team
bryan solar headshot

Bryan Solar

General Manager at Square

link team
George John headshot

George John

Visiting Lecturer at Stanford

link team
Saumil Mehta headshot

Saumil Mehta

General Manager at Square

link team
Susan Ho headshot

Susan Ho

Head of Hopper Homes at Hopper

link team
Lauren Chan Lee headshot

Lauren Chan Lee

Founder & CEO of productLivity

link team
Kintan Brahmbhatt headshot

Kintan Brahmbhatt

Co-Founder at Stealth

link team
Sriram Krishnan headshot

Sriram Krishnan

Investor at Kearny Jackson

link team
Placeholder headshot

Anirudh Pandit

VP of Products at Yugabyte

link team
david stasie headshot

David Stasie

Co-Founder of Young Alfred

link team
Roger Gu headshot

Roger Gu

Head of BD at Stilt

link team
david adams headshot

David Adams

Founder & CEO of Sniffspot

link team

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for this program?

Any founder who is starting a company is eligible to apply to PearX. Most companies have not raised any money prior to PearX, but in some cases companies have raised up to $2M at the time when we make our investment.

How does Pear choose teams for PearX?

We have an open application process and each company is reviewed by an investor on our team. If you are selected, there is one interview followed by a partner meeting where you will pitch to our team.

How much do you invest?

$250k-$2M – It depends on the stage of your company.

What if it’s just me and I don’t yet have a co-founder? Can I still apply?

Yes, we welcome solo founders and if needed, we can assist with Co-Founder search and match.

How do I know if I’m right for PearX? What if I’ve already raised capital?

We accept companies that have already raised capital but typically they have not raised more than $2M in total prior to joining PearX. Frequently, companies will raise additional capital along with the PearX investment.

Can I raise funding alongside PearX?

Companies typically decide to wait until Pear’s Demo Day to raise a large seed round, but many companies do raise additional capital alongside the PearX investment.

Is PearX an accelerator?

Most accelerators have dozens or hundreds of companies per batch with minimal individual attention. Pear has always made 10-20 pre-seed investments per year and we realized that companies have the most success when we work closely with them on a tight timeline. Every company gets two investment partners working closely with them to answer the toughest questions up front and help lay down the infrastructure for a long-lasting company.

80+% of our PearX companies raise successful seed rounds from institutional investors.

How large are your PearX cohorts?

We keep our cohorts intentionally small so we can really dive in with our founders. The maximum number of teams we’ll accept is 15. Each company gets hands-on support from at least two partners on Pear’s team meeting several times a week. Our cohorts are intimate enough for founders to build a true community, but small enough for a lot of tailored, personalized attention.

Who will I work with on the Pear team?

The PearX team includes all members of the Pear partnership. You will work with at least two of our partners (link to team page) along with many members of our ops and support staff. The specific partners you will work with depends on your vertical and the person on the team with the most experience in that space.

What are the dates of the program? Can I get support beforehand?

We run a Summer cohort that kicks off each year around July and a Winter cohort that kicks off around January.

We fund companies year-round on an ongoing basis, and will start working with teams right away, even before their formal cohort begins.

Does PearX happen in person or virtually? What if I’m not based in SF?

All companies are encouraged to relocate to the SF Bay Area for the duration of the program. We have found that companies have the best outcomes when they are in person with the Pear team and the other teams in the cohort.

We recognize that not everyone can be in the Bay Area at the same time so we stream most events and talks virtually as well.

What is the time commitment?

14 weeks.

Every week there’s a weekly check-in, a speaker event, and one hour spent with your industry mentor. So a total of three hours of dedicated time, plus additional interactions with partners.

Will you fund multiple startups working in the same space?

While we’ll work with multiple companies in the same general area e.g. climate tech companies, we will never have competitors in the same class. Our goal is to build community and not competition!

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