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Insurance carriers can no longer afford to underutilize data. Federato is an underwriting platform for insurance carriers that provides real-time insights to encourage empowerment, good risk taking and strong decision-making at all levels of underwriting. Federato brings speed and precision to underwriting, resulting in better outcomes for organizations and communities.

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Federato + Pear

Pear first met Will and William at Pear’s GSB competition interview and accepted them into the Pear S20 Accelerator (PearX).

We believed in their vision to bring AI into how insurance companies manage risk associated with an ever-changing world including the dynamics created by climate change. They concluded the best way to achieve this was through a federated learning mechanism (hence the name Federato) that would allow insurance companies to benefit from their own data and other entities’ and insurance companies’ data safely. While the vision made a lot of sense, the challenge was how to get their system incorporated into insurance companies to kickstart federated learning.

We worked with the team to create operational underwriting software that continuously monitored risk at every underwriting decision rather than only a few times a year. They coined the term Risk Ops, and we worked closely with them to articulate this vision at Demo Day.

Between seed and Series A, we engaged with them in company-building aspects, product, culture, and navigating long sales cycles through acquiring their first few customers. Then helped prepare them for a successful raise through our Series A Bootcamp.


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Platform teams are all the rage in Silicon Valley, but our experience has shown us that most are lip service. Whether it's fundraising prep, investor intros, or hiring the extended Pear team has always been there when we had an operational problem to solve.

William Ross CEO and Co-Founder