Bringing communities together is in
our DNA

Community is one of our core values and we work hard to build meaningful programs that bring founders, investors, executives, and communities at large together.

Pear Dorm

We know that students make great founders and investors. So we created student-specific programs to build the next wave of category-defining companies. Our Garage and Fellowship programs equip current students with the skills and resources needed to launch them towards their goals.

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Female Founder Circles

An intimate founder circle of current or aspiring female engineering entrepreneurs, guided by successful female founders, operating leaders, and investors. Founders meet weekly for intimate fireside chats and informative, tactical workshops with visionary speakers and the Pear team.

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Persian Founder Circles

An intimate founder circle of Iranian engineers and entrepreneurs, guided by successful Iranian leaders across industries. We are cultivating the next generation of Iranian Founders.

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Pear Summits

We identify people with shared backgrounds, bring them together as a community, and provide them with a space for fostering their entrepreneurial interests. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs who have built successful companies and learn practical lessons around how to structure your entrepreneurial exploration, map a path to product-market fit, and build your early team.

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Pear Programs

We love to build our network and meet new people. Check out our upcoming programs to learn how you can engage with the Pear team.

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