We’re early-stage
company builders.

We’ve founded 10+ companies and invested early in startups now worth over $50B. We’ve been in your shoes, we have the scars from being founders ourselves, and we know it takes incredible effort and determination to transform an idea into a category-defining company. We roll up our sleeves and provide hands-on support to our founders, which leads to big results. Our track record speaks for itself: in just 9 years, we have seeded 7 companies currently valued over $1B and 3 public companies.


We lead pre-seed rounds. Our pre-seed companies participate in PearX, an early-stage bootcamp for founders with high potential ideas. We help founders build the right product, find the right market, and lay the foundations for a scalable venture company.

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We lead and co-lead seed stage investments. Then we roll up our sleeves to get you to Series A. We help founders in four key areas: product-market fit, go-to-market, recruiting, and fundraising.

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What are typical
check sizes?

We write early checks that range from $250K to $5M. No idea is too early to bring to us. We meet mission-driven founders where they’re at, and we’re willing to back entrepreneurs who are eager to solve big problems in large markets, even prior to finding the perfect solution.

$250K -$2M


$1M – $5M


Up to $10M


Our focus areas.

We invest in the following market sectors.


Technology including social, marketplaces, subscription, e-commerce, creator economy, and more.

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Powerful tools to help businesses of all sizes work faster and smarter. We partner with founders building vertical software – tools purpose-built for specific industries – and horizontal software – tools built for specific functions across enterprise types.

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Enterprise Tech

We seek to invest in companies innovating across Data Platforms, Cybersecurity, and Developer tools where core innovations in engineering and architecture power new capabilities for the future of software driven innovation.

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We invest in healthcare software companies that pioneer innovative care delivery models and enhance the healthcare tech stack across providers, payers and pharma with the goal to improve patient outcomes, enhance access to quality care, and drive positive transformation in the field of healthcare.

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Deep Tech

Deep tech is distinguished by companies that require longer periods of R&D derisking Companies focused on space, robotics, semiconductors, Quantum computing, photonics, and more.

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We seek to invest in companies innovating across Consumer finance, Core banking & Infrastructure, Fraud and Risk, Insuretech, Lending, Payments, and Wealthtech where technology is shaping new experiences and driving innovation.

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Our primary investment scope includes pre-seed and seed-stage biotechnology companies developing platforms and products across therapeutics, diagnostics, and life sciences tools, software, and services. We have been partnering with biotech founders since our very first fund, and our biotech portfolio now includes two public companies.

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Climate Tech

We seek to invest in companies and deep tech that accelerate decarbonization and enable more sustainable systems around energy, mobility, carbon removal, agriculture, the built environment, industrials, and more.

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We invest in applications, tooling and infrastructure that enables the advancement and utilization of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence comprises computer systems designed to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence.

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Branch team
branch logo

The Pear team believed in us from the beginning and was instrumental in our early success.

Mada Seghete Co-Founder

Door Dash Team

Pejman and Mar and the Pear team’s philosophy has always been first and foremost to bet on the people.

Tony Xu Co-Founder and CEO

xilis founders
Xilis Logo

Pear is always there when we need help or advice, one of our strongest champions, bringing important investors and partners to us.

Xiling Shen CEO

affinity team at garage
affinity logo

Pear Garage gave you a community and a network of friends, made it feel like you weren’t alone.

Ray Zhou Co-Founder and CEO

federato team
Federato logo

Whether it’s fundraising prep, investor intros, or hiring the extended Pear team has always been there when we had an operational problem to solve.

William Ross CEO and Co-Founder

Local Kitchen Team
local kitchens logo

Pear has supported us at every step in our journey. They are a unique team – kind, thoughtful, and willing to roll up their sleeves to help.

Jon Goldsmith CEO

Frubana team photo
frubana logo

Pear took us by the hand from day one and has nurtured Frubana to grow into a mature and resilient company.

Fabian Gomez Gutierrez CEO

Solvvy team
solvvy logo

Pear is, in my humble opinion, the most extraordinary early-stage investment firm ever created. The secret of their success is their completely founder-first ethos.

Mahesh Ram CEO

Aurora Team
aurora logo

When we started out, we didn’t have much more than an idea and prototype. Pear gave us a home and always picks up the phone.

Chris Hopper Co-Founder and CEO