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Xilis is developing next generation technologies for precision medicine and drug discovery. The Xilis team is working to provide a functional model of a patient’s individual tumor that can be directly tested for drug response, helping clinicians make timely treatment decisions for cancer patients and supporting drug development for world-leading pharmaceutical partners.

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Xilis + Pear

Pear met the Xilis team because our Managing Partner, Mar, first worked with Dr. Xiling Shen in a Stanford lab 20 years prior. Xilis was founded in 2019 when its three founders — an engineer, a physician, and a biologist — decided to develop technology to transform cancer care. As leaders in their respective fields and their unique experiences from bench to bedside, they worked closely with clinicians and partnered with pharmaceutical companies to bring the right drugs to the right patient. 

When Pear’s team visited the Duke campus, we recognized the potential of the technology,  encouraged them to visit Silicon Valley, and helped them develop a plan to build a business. 

Xilis participated in Pear’s small batch Accelerator, where we helped them craft their business plan. They raised a $70M Series A round less than 18 months after Pear Accelerator demo day.

The Pear team has worked with Xilis every step of their journey and connected them with important investors and partners.



First Investment


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Series A


Durham, NC


Xiling Shen, PhD, CEO

David Hsu, PhD, Co-Founder

Hans Clevers, MD, PhD, Co-Founder

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Pear is always there when we need help or advice, and they are one of our strongest champions, bringing important investors and partners to us.

Xiling Shen CEO, Xilis