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Seeding companies with the capital and talent to win.

We believe that when you hire the right team, you create an early and unfair advantage over your competition. There is no single better lever to jump to the front of the line.

That’s why we promise to make the first and most critical hires for our founders and we do it for free.

To back-up our commitment, we’ve hired the biggest and best talent team in early stage venture. Our team of experienced recruiters have built some the most iconic companies of the last decade and are ready to help you. 

Hear from our founders

Learn from a few Pear founders on how we helped them hire their earliest and most critical hires.









How we help

Hire directly for your team

We’ve made over 65 hires for our founders in the last 12 months; an average of 2.5 hires for every founder we support. No other team in venture offers this level of support. And the few firms that say they do, charge you for it.

Pair you with a dedicated Talent Partner

Each of our founders receives a dedicated talent partner to help coach, guide, and directly recruit for you. You’ll receive personalized support, weekly meetings, deep industry expertise across relevant verticals, and as many touch points as you need to ensure your hires are made.


Build candidate funnel

We know how to find the very best candidates. Whether that’s through direct sourcing, your network or our Talent Collective, we do the heavy lifting to make sure you land your perfect hire.

Steer headcount planning and hiring strategy

We understand the impact that hiring has on your success. We help craft the right plan and strategy to help you hire the absolute best talent for your team.


Run a top-tier interview process

We help you build a best-in-class interview process to attract and close the very best candidates. Our hands-on approach from pitch to assessment to close, equip you with the necessary skills required to become an expert recruiter.

Free access to plug-and-play recruiting software

Each of our founders is given free access to a suite of plug-and-play recruiting tools. No more paying vendors for additional recruiting software. We take care of all of this for you. 

Create leveling frameworks, compensation philosophy, and benchmarking

We help you align the right incentives to attract and retain the best talent by creating a simple and stage appropriate organizational and rewards structure that meets the needs of your team. 

Provide access to our library of playbooks and resources

Pear’s talent team has been an instrumental partner in helping us plan how to up-level our engineering organization. They’ve supported us through critical decisions, ranging from a reorg to in-person/remote work considerations to hiring at the individual contributor and executive levels.

David Bromberg, PhD Co-founder and CEO

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I can safely say that this has been the most useful hiring resource that an investor has offered us so far. We’ve gotten a lot of specific advice on our situation and candidate offers. We’ve leaned on the Pear team to talk to candidates as part of offer negotiations. And we’ve gotten access to Pear’s recruiting software for free.

John Dean Co-Founder and CEO

The Pear Talent team has been instrumental in enhancing our hiring strategy and in building a scalable process that efficiently attracts top talent for our A-player team at Hertha Metals. The Pear team has exceeded expectations in their ongoing talent support, making them the ideal strategic partner for a CEO navigating team scaling.

Laureen Meroueh Founder and CEO

The most important thing in an early stage company is your team, and Pear 100% nails it. We initially found it very challenging to hire a superstar NLP candidate with the explosive growth caused by ChatGPT for those candidates, once Pear jumped in, they really helped us stand out as a startup and land someone who is absolutely perfect.

Vince Hartman Co-founder and CEO

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