Our Core Values

Our vision for Pear is to be the best seed stage VC firm in the world. But it’s important that we have a set of clearly defined core values and beliefs that get us there in the right way. It’s not enough for us to print these values out and hang them in our office – we really live these behaviors and embody them as a firm.

1. We care deeply about legacy.

We are building Pear for the next 100+ years. For this reason, when we make a decision, we strive to maximize the long-term impact for our founders, LPs, and team.


2. Give before you ask for anything in return.

We pride ourselves on a culture of giving back and helping others. This is embedded into Pear. Be helpful, add value to anyone that comes in contact with Pear. We are always asking what we can do for someone and how we can make a difference.


3. Can-do mentality.

We are optimists who believe anything is possible. This belief is deeply rooted in the story of our founders, Pejman and Mar. Pejman and Mar are both immigrants that went from rug salesman and graduate student respectively to top venture capitalists recognized on the Midas List. We believe that smart, hard work, hustle, grit and optimism help us reach our goals. This is why our team sets a high bar for ourselves and our companies.


4. “We over me.”

At Pear, we are truly a team, not just a collection of individual investors and operators and our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Our team-first approach enables us to collectively build Pear into the best seed fund. And we extend this collaborative mindset to our relationships with our founders, doing whatever we can to help them build their companies. When Pear invests you don’t get one of us, you get all of Pear behind your back.


5. Excellence in everything we do.

We are a high-performance team. We have high expectations for those we work with, both inside Pear and from the leaders at our portfolio companies. And in the spirit of our goal to always be improving, we believe in constantly measuring progress and performance, evaluating results, and iterating accordingly.


6. Honesty always.

We believe that honesty is a necessary ingredient for trust and efficient execution runs on trust. We default to candor and transparency with our teammates and founders. We’re willing to have tough conversations and to ask tough questions, but it’s always from a place of support to help our companies achieve excellence in the long-term. We recognize we are not always right. We are our own toughest critics.


7. People first.

We know venture is a people business. We are fundamentally investing in people. As previous founders ourselves, we are deeply empathetic with our founders and we treat them the way we would want to be treated, with mutual respect, kindness, and grace. We actively listen, put ourselves in their shoes, and help accordingly. We believe that the personal growth of our founders is key in the ultimate success of their companies.