Founder Services Team

We don’t just sit on the sidelines, we’re here to help you win.

We have an expert Founder Services team designed to provide truly hands-on support at the early-stage. We pride ourselves on being devoted and engaged partners to our founders. We know what it takes to kickstart a new company, so we don’t simply consult with you from time-to-time or make a few introductions and then leave you alone to figure it out. We operate as an extension of the team when it comes to talent, go-to-market, PR, and fundraising support.

Pear Studio

Pear Studio is our collaborative place for founders and entrepreneurs. The innovation is strong at Pear Studio. We offer space in both San Francisco and Menlo Park.

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Early stage hiring is difficult. The stakes are high. Hire the right person, you’re off to the races. Get it wrong, you’re back at square one. Our talent team helps you make the right hires the first time around.

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Go-to-market strategy can make or break a company at the early stages. To grow, you have to get this right. Our go-to-market team can partner with you to help you validate customers, craft the perfect pitch, prepare for sales meetings, and ultimately win deals.

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PR plays a big role in building brands, but earning PR for your startup isn’t easy: it requires truly understanding your product and relaying it in a digestible way to the right people. We’re fully in your corner when it comes to helping you craft your PR and communications strategy. 

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We help our founders run a smooth fundraising process. We partner with you to position your company for success and we leverage our network to gain as much interest as possible. As a result, 70% of our seeded companies raise a Series A, when the industry average is only 42%. 

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