Why Pear?

Our team: we’re infused with founder DNA

  • Operators and founders. Together, our team has started 10 companies. We’ve been in your seat, we know first hand how hard it is to start a company, and we can truly empathize with your journey. 
  • Industry vertical and domain experts. We are a generalist early-stage fund with specialist investors who act as deep thought-partners and know your industry inside and out. Our 14-person investment team is composed of specialists in Consumer, B2B, Healthcare, Deep Tech, FinTech, Web3, SaaS, Climate Tech, Enterprise, and BioTech. We also have experts on recruiting, marketing, engineering, and sales to help you navigate the early stages of company building.

Our track record: we deliver big results consistently

  • Pear VC is a top-performing fund. In the last decade, we’ve built a premier seed stage fund with consistent results. We have had 3 IPOs, 8 companies valued over $1B, and have many more category-defining companies in the making. 
  • Seed investors with a history of backing rapid-growth companies. We have been investors since the early 2000s. We have seeded nearly 200 companies including Doordash, Gusto, Applovin, Branch, Aurora Solar, Dropbox, Vanta, Soundhound, Applovin, Addepar, Course Hero. Our two founders were recognized on the Midas List in 2021 and 2022.

Our support: with you every step of your journey

  • We are company builders. Our mission is to provide as much help as we can in recruiting, product, growth, and fundraising. We have invested in building a one of a kind talent team that helps address the first critical challenge most companies face.
  • Here for good times and bad times. We are often the ones around the table when things are not going well. Whether it is elusive product-market fit, a missed plan, or employees departing, we are there to recognize the challenges and help you come up with a strategy to address them.

Our seed tenet: optimize for the long-term

  • Focusing on long-term success. We’re focused on building long-lasting, iconic companies. Optimizing for the long-term requires first developing a deep understanding of the market opportunities, of the customers, and of what the future holds. We help our founders nail this vision and then develop the right set of long-term focused metrics to measure progress against it.
  • Fostering “active patience”. Building for the long-term requires an “active patience,” patience that allows you to learn on the way. Not rushing to produce a hockey stick graph of revenue/time, not rushing to spend marketing dollars before user engagement is optimized, and not rushing to hire at all costs. Instead, active patience helps you focus on crafting the right product, honing in on your optimal go-to-market strategy, and only hire A+ candidates.

Our extensive network: we’re connection makers

  • We connect people. We have been in the seed ecosystem for over 20 years, building out an extensive set of contacts with other investors as well as entrepreneurs, company builders, and leaders across our core sectors.
  • Strong community of founders. When you partner with Pear you join other top-performing teams in our family. Pear is a top performing VC fund and highly selective. Our founders are part of a community of 200+ elite startups.

Our community: Pear’s unique culture

  • Our core values drive our company. It’s important that we have a set of clearly defined core values and beliefs that get us there in the right way. It’s not enough for us to print these values out and hang them in our office – we really live these behaviors and embody them as a firm.
  • Our culture sets us apart. Perhaps the biggest differentiation and strength of Pear is our culture. Above all else, we are a team and value honesty, transparency, collaboration, can-do mentality, giving before asking anything in return, and being the best.

Our core values

Our core values & behaviors drive our company culture and decision-making on a daily basis.

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