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We seek to invest in companies at the cutting edge across data platforms, cybersecurity, and developer tools where core innovations in engineering and architecture power new capabilities for the future of software driven technologies.

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Here are some of the things we’re interested in, but there are far more than what we’ve shared on this page. If you’re building something cool, we want to hear from you, regardless of whether it’s listed here or not.


Cybersecurity is more relevant than ever as the nature of threats has gotten more diverse. The emergence of generative AI has created new challenges and opportunities for companies looking to improve security capabilities. Areas of interest for us include security monitoring, security training, cloud and network security, data security, and identity and access management tooling.

Data platforms

Companies are dealing with more data than ever before and the modern data stack continues to evolve with emerging variations in the scale, types and use cases of data. We are interested in companies that collect novel data to build unique platforms, innovative new data infrastructure, databases, data applications that create amazing habit building ways to operationalize data. 

Developer tools

Developer workflows are evolving with new capabilities enabled via AI and data. The developer is still central to building software and a new generation of tools to support the engineering and building process are required. Areas of interest include tools for the entire software engineering lifecycle: Setup, Build, Test, Deploy and Monitor, Experiment & Iterate

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The Pear team believed in us from the beginning and was instrumental in our early success.

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