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With the GTM practice, we help founders get into a sales mentality, master their pitching skills, and get the most critical connections to scale their business.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is if the world doesn’t know about it.

How we help

Customer discovery

At the beginning of your journey, we help you clearly identify and define problems and needs for your customer persona to refine and validate the business idea and make sure the opportunity is big enough to be worth pursuing it.

Prospecting and pipeline management

Successful companies have rigorous prospecting, lead generation, outbound and sales strategies tailored to the trends and behaviors of their particular vertical and industries.

Sales pitching

We help you perfect the art of pitching, as well as upgrading your sale collateral to drive conversions.

Pricing strategy

We help you think how to package your value proposition in pricing tiers and to run experiments to find the most adequate business model and pricing points for each customer segment.

Unit economics optimization

We want you to build the foundation of a durable and sustainable business. Understanding and growing your gross and profit margins is a critical part of this journey.


Growth and marketing

To achieve sustainable growth, your LTV / CAC ratio has to be positive. We surround you with experts that will help you iterate and test different acquisition channels to build an efficient growth engine.


Contracts and negotiations

We know negotiations can be scary, we have been there. We want to be your partners on defining win-win outcomes and make sure that your legal paperwork protects your company in the long run.

Hiring and compensation

We refer candidates and support the hiring and compensation process so that you can build high performing sales teams.

Customer connections

We make sales, partnerships and strategic introductions that grow revenue and elevate your business.

Hans Galland
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Pear VC helped us navigate our strategic decision to move upmarket towards enterprise customers during an intense 6 months. They challenged us with tough questions and provided supportive mentoring, helping us grow our ACVS 18x and build a repeatable go-to-market motion that delivered 28% mom funnel growth in the new segment.

Hans Galland Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Trucks

Isha Patel
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Pear is an honest, thoughtful guiding light when it comes to strategizing a business’s go-to-market plan. When we felt ready to move from founder-led sales to hiring a sales team, Pear (Pepe) was instrumental in helping us define our hiring process and compensation structure for our sales team. Plus, Pear has a unique ability to advise on matching business models to customer cohorts, as we explored traditional SAAS versus advertising models. Our business is overall much stronger as a result of working side by side with Pear partners, whose expertise stretches across many dimensions (eg hiring, fundraising, ) but especially the go-to-market side of the house.

Isha Patel Co-Founder, Kale

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