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Climate Tech

We seek to invest in companies and deeptech that accelerate decarbonization and enable more sustainable systems around energy, renewables, mobility, carbon removal, agriculture, the built environment, industrials, and more. 

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Here are some of the things we’re interested in, but there are far more than what we’ve shared on this page. If you’re building something cool, we want to hear from you, regardless of whether it’s listed here or not.

Energy and mobility

The transition to clean energy is both necessary and inevitable. Advancements in technology will facilitate a swift shift towards an electric-powered world. We are particularly enthusiastic about innovations in energy, industrials, EV infrastructure, zero-emission transportation, and driving down costs for renewable energy adoption. 

Carbon removal technology and software

To mitigate climate change, it is no longer sufficient to focus solely on carbon mitigation. The imperative now is to prioritize carbon removal and capture. In order to track performance and progress, software platforms are imperative to enable carbon tracking and carbon offsetting markets.

Climate intelligence

By collecting, tracking, and analyzing weather and climate data, we empower climate risk mitigation and resilience strategies and measurement and regulation of climate impact.

Agriculture and food systems

The human population is rapidly expanding, while our planet’s finite resources grow scarce. To ensure a healthy future for the next generation, it is imperative that our agricultural systems embrace regeneration and sustainability, providing nourishment and vital nutrients.

Built environment

Technologies to transition to a more sustainable built environment includes structures and systems that provide places for people to live, work, and play. 

Consumer / Marketplaces and Fintech

Driving consumer change through a climate lens via tax credits/rebates, consumer apps, circular economy, sustainable and ‘green’ banking, and other embedded fintech platforms

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How we invest