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Farmraise is offering the easiest way to get farm funding, informed by and built for farmers. The team is working to unlock funding for sustainable agriculture, help farmers access grants and loans to support on-farm conservation, CO2 mitigation practices (such as cover cropping, more efficient energy systems, and livestock integration), and operational improvements. The Farmraise platform shows farmers programs they’re eligible for and streamlines complicated federal and state grant paperwork into a single, jargon-free application.

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FarmRaise + Pear

We first met FarmRaise co-founders, Jayce and Sami, when they were students at the GSB. They participated in PearX, and we helped them build their concept into a venture-fundable company. The team needed more technical support, so we also helped them hire their CTO / technical co-founder.

After presenting at PearX Demo Day, they raised a round led by Better Tomorrow Ventures. Later, they raised a subsequent seed round led by Susa Ventures.


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San Francisco, CA

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We were fish out of water when it came to evaluating technical chops. We also didn’t have engineering networks where we could promote the opportunity. Through the Pear network we found our CTO. We really leaned on Pear, who helped us structure technical interviews. We would not have been able to find, evaluate, and hire our technical co-founder without Pear.

Sami Tellatin Co-founder & COO, FarmRaise