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We seek to invest in companies innovating across Consumer finance, Core banking & Infrastructure, Fraud and Risk, Insuretech, Lending, Payments, and Wealthtech where technology is shaping new experiences and driving innovation.

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Here are some of the arenas we’re interested in, but there are many more interesting ideas than what we’ve shared on this page. If you’re building something cool, we want to hear from you, regardless of whether it’s listed here or not.

Consumer finance

The next generation of consumers always looks for more relevant experiences that reflect the realities of the macro environment and their specific financial priorities. Areas of interest include solutions that help consumers access fixed income, intuitive saving products, fun investment experiences that expand access to new demographics amongst others.

Core banking and infrastructure

Open Banking, new consumer data protections and embedded infrastructure are new mechanisms for companies to enable experiences that plug directly into Financial Institutions. Areas of interest include APIs around business banking, APIs enabling payroll and payroll mobility, next generation Credit Bureaus amongst others

Fraud and risk

Identity, KYC, KYB and Fraud Management are critical to financial services, applications and tools. Simplifying experiences and reducing barriers to entry often result in increased fraud for companies and customers. We are especially interested in companies that leverage AI, data consortiums and innovative device level tools to help reduce fraud and expand access in the process.


In an elevated interest rate environment, industries and individuals with an ongoing need for credit will continue to look for the right products and tools to meet their liquidity needs. We are excited about companies in embedded lending for businesses and consumers and tools that help lenders better assess and expand their loan book.


Carriers, re-insurers, brokers and agents all leverage technology across their operations for a number of their ongoing underwriting, binding, and other needs. Technology adoption is still very limited with a number of manual and data-poor processes still heavily in use. We see opportunities tools that help all parts of the insurance lifecycle with a focus on reducing toil and leveraging data to drive more premiums for all parts of the ecosystem.


Payments and money movement are evolving with the advent of real time payments in the US and emergence of near universal customer adoption of wallets. Areas of interest for us include mechanisms that reduce payment friction, real-time payment service providers and new P2P payment experiences. 


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The magic of Pear is their intense focus on us as people and founders. They pushed us and gave us some hard-won advice along the journey.

Scott Kazmierowicz Co-Founder and CEO

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Pear fights with you in the trenches, asks the hard questions, helps shape your story, and tops it off with intros to brand name VCs.

Jason Christiansen Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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How we invest