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Cardless gives brands and tech companies a way to launch custom co-branded credit cards. Their mission is to make credit more engaging, rewarding, and accessible. Cardless partners with brands to power products for their customers by refining the consumer credit experience, building products that help serve the customer’s long-term good, provide meaningful rewards, and allow for rapid iteration.

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Cardless + Pear

Pear first met Cardless co-founders, Michael and Scott, when they applied to Pear’s 2019 Accelerator (PearX). We believed in their vision to revolutionize how brands interact with their most loyal customers.

We’ve supported them at every step of their journey, helping them build an incredible team and closing key partnerships with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Manchester United.


B2B, FinTech

First Investment


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Series B


San Francisco, CA

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The magic of Pear is their intense focus on us as people and founders. For us, Pear was the perfect bridge from a little idea in the back of our heads that everyone thought was crazy to a $2.7M seed round and then a Series A. They didn’t judge our idea or come up with reasons why it wouldn’t work; they pushed us to figure out how to make it work, giving us some hard-won advice along the journey between pre-seed and seed. When Michael and I went into Pear’s office, it felt like they were entrepreneurs, too. Pear’s scrappiness, energy, and humility was really attractive to us and has become part of the culture of our own company.

Scott Kazmierowicz Co-founder & CEO, Cardless