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Solvvy is the modern customer experience that consumers demand. It supports customers so seamlessly they won’t miss a human agent, but it’s ready to find one if someone needs it. With Solvvy, customers leave with the answers they need and a positive, lasting impression of your brand.

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Solvvy + Pear

Solvvy was started by co-founders Justin Betteridge and Mehdi Samadi while pursuing their PhDs at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). It started out as part of a never-ending learner project at CMU. 

In 2014, Mehdi and Justin presented at Launch CMU event in Silicon Valley with nothing but an idea and some early-day robot demos. This is where we first met the Solvvy team.

Pear led their first round of capital and our team dove in to help them establish a product vision and make key hires. Mar Hershenson actually connected them with their founding CEO, Mahesh Ram.

Our team was deeply engaged with Solvvy and helped them develop a product idea for their pivotal technology. Eventually, they landed on customer service automation.

Solvvy was acquired by Zoom in 2022.


AI, B2B, SaaS

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Few startups can survive or thrive without strong investors and BoD members, to provide counsel, financial support and the occasional ‘kick in the pants'(!) that management teams require. The Solvvy journey began with the truly visionary investment by Pear Ventures who believed in the concept when there was no product. Pear is, in my humble opinion, the most extraordinary early-stage investment firm ever created in Silicon Valley (not hyperbole) – but the secret of their success is their completely founder-first ethos.

Mahesh Ram CEO, Solvvy