Powerful tools to help businesses of all sizes work faster and smarter. We partner with founders building vertical software – tools purpose-built for specific industries – and horizontal software – tools built for specific functions across enterprise types.

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Here are some of the things we’re interested in, but there are far more than what we’ve shared on this page. If you’re building something cool, we want to hear from you, regardless of whether it’s listed here or not.

Applied AI in Vertical SaaS

It has never been a better time to build Vertical Saas, which generates reams of valuable, proprietary, industry-specific data well-suited for building AI applications to automate workflows. Meanwhile, any company building an AI application needs a defensibility story, and few products are as sticky as purpose-built tooling for specific industries.

Proptech: unlocking infill development opportunities

A morass of zoning restrictions and permitting review backlogs suppress hundreds of billions of dollars of value-add re-development opportunities across the United States. AI-enabled permitting, ordinance investigation, and impending legislative changes will help more viable projects get off the ground.  

Sales creative suite

Sales teams are on the frontlines of customer research, but it takes many cycles to turn customer insight into closing capital. We’re interested in tools that help creative sales leaders showcase the full potential of their company’s products without lengthy iterations with product and marketing teams. 


Magic marketplaces

AI-enabled matching and search will remake how buyers and sellers of all types can connect and transact. We’re looking for the infrastructure that helps existing players collect and inject more data into transactions and supercharge matchmaking, plus newly enabled vertical-specific marketplaces.

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The Pear team believed in us from the beginning and was instrumental in our early success.

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Pear Garage gave you a community and a network of friends, made it feel like you weren’t alone.

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How we invest

How we invest