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Expedock is the AI-powered automation service behind some of the leading players in the 7 trillion USD global supply chain. They are on a mission to build the powerful data infrastructure that will drive unprecedented efficiency and profitability to all players in the industry.

Thousands of freight and cargo containers are now being moved internationally via Expedock every week through their technology that eliminates inefficiencies by automating the manual processing and inputting of data into various systems at 99.99% accuracy guaranteed.

Expedock's international team of Stanford AI experts and logistics executives is committed to transforming the future of supply chain and logistics, one business at a time.

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Expedock + Pear

Pear met Expedock co-founders, King and Rui, right before the pandemic hit in 2020. We accepted them into Pear’s S20 Accelerator (PearX), our first fully remote cohort.

During the accelerator, we worked closely with the team to validate the concept and develop their AI-powered product to digitize and automate freight forwarding business.

We also helped them create an effective go-to-market strategy to demonstrate traction before Demo Day. Additionally, we collaborated on storytelling – how Expedock will become a category-defining company by digitizing the freight forwarding business. 

After Demo Day, we helped with the seed fundraising process. Between seed and Series A, we collaborated on various company-building dimensions including product, hiring and company culture, enterprise sales, and customer success.

After completing Pear’s Series A Bootcamp, they successfully raised their Series A.


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Series A


Palo Alto, CA

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Pear has helped accelerate our business through the hands-on support of Mar, Pejman & Arash together with its network of excellent advisors. Even after several funding rounds, they continue to work with us and add value. They are really trying to build long-lasting businesses in partnership with their entrepreneurs. Mar and Pejman and the entire Pear team are not just with you for this one venture, it's a family for you as an entrepreneur and they look out for you throughout your entire journey.

King Alandy Dy Co-founder & CEO, Expedock