Deep Tech

Deep Tech

Deep tech is distinguished by companies that require longer periods of R&D derisking. We’re very interested in companies focused on space, robotics, semiconductors, quantum computing, photonics, and more.

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Here are some of the arenas we’re interested in, but there are many more interesting ideas than what we’ve shared on this page. If you’re building something cool, we want to hear from you, regardless of whether it’s listed here or not.


Includes chip design, novel architectures, EDA, CAD and other tools and technologies for manufacturing new hardware, optimizing analog and digital circuits design and manufacturing. Applications in AI, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Biotechnology, Automotives, Aerospace and beyond.


Opto-electronics, novel materials, optical modules, circuits, lasers and associated systems for communication and computing.  Quantum computing and related areas. 


Software and systems for autonomous and semi-autonomous operation of robots including for simulation, planning, programming and actuation of robots systems. Applications include logistics, distribution, manufacturing, industrial, retail, consumer, as well as precision medicine, drones, computer vision and autonomous vehicles.

Space tech

Technologies targeting the space and aerospace sectors including defense, communications, and space transportation, satellite systems and components, imaging, analytics, innovations in fuel and rocket launch technologies 


Materials, devices, IoT, edge and consumer electronics. Also new routers, switches, embedded systems and connected devices for industrial applications, batteries and materials for energy efficiency

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The difference with Pear is that even after several rounds of funding, they continue to work with us and add value.

King Alandy Dy CEO and Co-Founder

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How we invest

How we invest