Hello, World!

September 11, 2020


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Welcome to the Pear blog!

There’s a lot of startup content out there, so we thought we’d introduce ourselves and explain what we hope to accomplish here.

Our Manifesto: we love 0 to 1.

We believe it’s the most exciting stage of a founder’s (very long) journey.

We know — it’s also the messiest, most confusing, hardest part of the journey. There’s not as much information out there about this stage, partially because of how messy it can be. It’s hard to use tactics, because everything changes so quickly this early.

Most founders think it sucks and want to get out of it as fast as possible.

We want you to get through it as fast as possible too, of course, but our greatest joy in this work comes from helping you do just that—because we’ve been there ourselves!

Our content is intended to:

  1. Put founders first. This content is for you.
  2. Clarify and break down different parts of the murky 0 to 1 journey.
  3. Help you develop the frameworks you need to solve your company‘s unique problems at this stage.

We hope this blog becomes a valuable resource to you during this scary and thrilling stage of building a category-defining company.

In the process, we also hope this helps you get to know us—what we care about, and how we think—a little better as well.