Pear and Pacific Western Bank Partnership

May 19, 2023


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We have some exciting news to share: Pear and Pacific Western Bank have partnered up to bring our pre-seed and seed startups a deeper level of banking products and services. With this partnership, PWB will be offering dedicated support and exclusive banking offerings to Pear founders to help them scale their startups from the earliest days.

Pear has been focused on pre-seed and seed investing for 10 years now, partnering with founders at the earliest stages to turn great ideas into category-defining companies. We know now more than ever that banking partners are a really critical part of the startup ecosystem. 

“We love partnering with PWB, because they’re truly dedicated to supporting the growth of entrepreneurs. They understand the challenges that come with scaling and offer a wide range of banking services and products. Many of our portfolio companies have partnered with PWB, and we’ve seen that they can offer the banking structure and resources startups need to navigate these challenging times,” says Pejman, Founding Managing Partner of Pear.

As part of this partnership, PWB will provide hands-on training to PearX, Female Founders Circle, and Pear Dorm members, offering to help navigate all things startup banking – from setting up your first corporate bank accounts to understanding the implications of the current market. 

“Pacific Western Bank is very excited to partner with Pear VC and support our mutual commitment to innovation in the technology and life science ecosystems”, added Mark diTargiani, SVP, Venture Debt & Startup Banking at PWB. “The Pear team has built a legacy of investing in quality people and companies, and our team has 15+ years of supporting VCs and founders as they build companies. We are aligned on helping founders from inception to exit, and by combining our networks and resources we can accomplish that in Silicon Valley and beyond.”

We’re excited for the expertise PWB brings to the table, helping our startups navigate the current financial landscape and be better set up to grow and surpass their business goals.