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Sean Strong

Head of Builders

Have fun, do your best, and keep learning.

Have fun, do your best, and keep learning.

Sean is the Head of Builders at Pear. In this role, Sean works with university and recent graduate technical founders at the earliest stages of their founding journeys.

Previously, Sean was the CEO and co-founder of Grove XR, a Pear portfolio company that built virtual reality management software for schools. Prior to being a founder, Sean worked on internal prototyping efforts at Apple and at a variety of different startups.

Sean holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he specialized in artificial intelligence and was a 2x NCAA All-American on the fencing team. He is based in San Francisco. 

What is your most used emoji?

🙏– there is a lot to give thanks for!

What’s your favorite book?

Mindset by Carol Dweck – it’s equal parts fascinating, empowering, and fun to read.

What career path did you want to pursue when you were a kid?

I really wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. Growing up, I even dressed up as one for Halloween...for 4 years in a row…

What are your favorite sports teams?

🌲The Stanford Fencing team (slightly biased – I competed on the team for 4 years).

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’m a huge fan of board games, teaching, hiking, fencing, running, and reading.

Previous Experience

  • Co-founder & CEO, Grove XR
  • Software Engineering, Apple