Welcoming Aparna Sinha as Pear’s newest Partner!

July 31, 2023



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Arpana Bio Photo

We’re excited to share that Aparna Sinha is Pear’s newest Partner! Aparna has made an outsized impact in her time with us as a Visiting Partner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s joining our team full time.

Aparna brings a strong thesis and a depth of experience in enterprise, developer, and AI to Pear and is excited to work with ambitious founders during this breakout moment in AI. “We’re in the midst of unprecedented technological advancement. AI is re-shaping our present and enabling  the most significant breakthroughs of our lifetimes. The breadth and pace of this technological shift creates an opportunity for startups to disrupt the value chain and reshape how we interact with our world,” says Aparna. “Pear’s co-founder is a female former founder with a PhD in engineering, and our work to grow top female technical entrepreneurs resonates with me,” she continued. 

Over the last six months, Aparna helped launch PearX for AI, a new track of the PearX program tailored towards AI builders. We recently welcomed six teams to the inaugural PearX for AI cohort and are excited for these founders to debut their companies with the world soon. Through the PearX for AI program, Aparna is partnering with founders to define their product, win early customers, and grow. She’s able to leverage her deep experience from Google and in enterprise software to give Pear’s portfolio companies an advantage in the market.

Aparna is also building out our AI advisor community, connecting Pear founders with industry experts from organizations like Stanford, Google, OpenAI, Hugging Face, McKinsey and more. At this moment, AI is touching every single facet of technology and she’s been working to build a top notch council of advisors to assist Pear founders on their entrepreneurial journeys.

We’re so excited to welcome Aparna. If you’re a founder looking to connect, please email her at aparna@pear.vc