Welcoming Arash Ferdowsi as our newest Visiting Partner

August 4, 2023



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I’m incredibly excited to share that Arash Ferdowsi, Co-founder and former CTO of Dropbox, has joined Pear as our newest Visiting Partner! 

I’ve known Arash since 2007, when Dropbox was still just two people: Arash and his Co-founder Drew. I was immediately inspired by their vision and drive and fortunate enough to be an early backer. The first time I sat down with Arash and Drew, we didn’t talk about the ins and outs of cloud storage, but instead we just talked about becoming good long-term partners.

From left to right: Sequoia’s Mike Moritz, Arash, and myself at a small apartment that was being used as an early Dropbox office. Arash’s co-founder Drew snapped this picture.

Arash helped to grow and scale Dropbox from inception to IPO. As Co-founder and CTO, he truly accomplished so much: building and scaling a company that is used by hundreds of millions of people.

Dropbox IPO in 2018.

Arash departed the company in 2020, and since that time he’s become a successful angel investor. We’ve been fortunate to partner with him on co-investments and welcome him to Pear as a visiting speaker on a number of occasions. 

Arash at Pear’s celebration for Persians in tech

Over the last 15 years, Arash and I have truly built a great relationship on a foundation of true partnership, and I’m very excited to have him join Pear in a more official capacity. 

We’re looking forward to Arash working with Pear founders. Welcome to the family, Arash!