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ixlayer is an elegant solution for integrated health systems to easily deploy and manage affordable and reliable remote lab testing solutions.

ixlayer powers lab and health testing outside of a clinical setting, offering remote lab testing for physicians, patients, employers, school systems, government contracts and at-home lab testing.

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We met ixlayer’s founders, Pouria and Poorya, and we were impressed by their entrepreneurial chops and deep healthcare background. We led their seed round because we were impressed with their idea and mission. The ixlayer team was building a precision health testing platform for pharma companies, health systems, and clinical labs in the field of genomics. The data network effect between clients enables ixlayer to be the data exchange platform for precision health.

When it comes to medicine, health, therapeutics, wellness, and nutrition, we know that one size does not fit all. The exact same treatments that help some people, can be ineffective or cause side effects for others. To achieve necessary personalization, there is a need for precision health tests (eg. genetic, microbiome, or other biomarker tests). We helped make introductions to key CIOs of hospitals and marketing executives at Biopharma companies.

We bought into the ixlayer mission and invested in the team because of its first-of-its-kind Precision Health Test Platform that includes and integrates the following building blocks, including integration to clinical labs, seamless customer relationship management, genomic cloud for hosting and interpretation, and physician oversight.

We introduced the ixlayer team to many key partners and investors and helped them raise their Series A round. 



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ixlayer selected PearVC as the lead investor for our seed round because of their reputation among growth investors for picking winning teams. The team at PearVC were tremendously helpful when it came time to raise our series A and their insights and guidance lead to a very successful round. We couldn't be happier with the partnership.

Pouria Sanae CEO, ixlayer