Pear + Open AI Hackathon

May 31, 2024



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Pear and OpenAI teamed up to welcome over 150 hackers to Pear Studio SF for our first ever hackathon on April 27th! Kicking off bright and early at 9:00 am, the space was buzzing with energy as hackers dove into their projects, brainstorming and coming up with some seriously cool ideas. We had 49 teams submit projects and were completely blown away by the quality of execution and the diversity of ideas.


Congratulations to all of the finalists and category prize winners! 🏆 



Here is the full gallery of projects built at the hackathon. There’s an incredible variety of ideas and innovations created in a single day.

Founders Panel:

Aparna Sinha (Advisor, former Pear AI/ML Partner) also hosted a founder panel with Harrison Chase (Co-Founder/CEO at Langchain), Shreya Rajpal (Co-Founder/CEO at Guardrails AI), Rayan Krishnan (Co-Founder/CEO at, and Simon Suo (Co-Founder/CTO at LlamaIndex). We discussed what type of problem each of their companies solves, addressing Data, RAG, reliability, and Eval, and what future areas are most important, such as multimodality, new model architectures, and agents.

About PearX:

PearX invests between $250k to $2mn, and offers access to Pear Studio SF, bespoke recruiting support to close your first hires, GTM support to acquire your first customers, and a dedicated Pear partner who works directly with you. PearX alumni have raised over $2bn in follow-on capital.

Some more pictures from the day:

This hackathon not only highlighted the immense talent within the AI community but also reinforced the potential of AI-driven capabilities in addressing real-world problems. We can’t wait to host another hackathon again soon, and we hope to see you there!