Seeding our companies with the capital and talent needed to win.

Our promise
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The most successful companies execute quickly. And to do so, you need the right team.

We’ve noticed in the first 3-6 months following a fundraise, many of our founders, even the best ones, really struggled to hire. We realized that if we could accelerate the speed and quality of these first few hires, we could greatly improve founders’ speed of execution and in turn, their chances of success.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done. As part of Pear’s Seed program, we’ve built a one-of-a-kind talent team that will make your first hires for you.

How we’re different

Experts in our field

Our team of experienced recruiters have built some of the most iconic companies in technology; leading large teams responsible for hiring thousands of engineers at Facebook, Instacart, Stripe, Uber and other generational companies.

Hands-on operators

We understand that to make a real impact, talent teams need to do more than make introductions, give periodic advice, or outsource their work. They need to be willing to dig in and do the heavy lifting alongside their companies.

Embedded in
your team

At Pear, we are part of your core team, not consultants or advisors. We work with you to scope, find, pitch, assess, and close your most critical early hires while building the habits and discipline necessary to hire successfully today, and well into your future.

Tori Seidenstein

Nate and Matt helped us hire our founding product designer in record time and they’ve made our hiring processes 10x better.

Tori Seidenstein Co-Founder FairStreet

Bella Liu

Nate / Matt work closely with us to source, interview, and close key hires, almost like our in-house talent partner.

Bella Liu Co-Founder, Orby.AI

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Matt Birnbaum

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