The only talent offering in venture built for founders

February 15, 2023



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In the months immediately following a fundraise, even the best founders struggle to hire. The difference between making the right hire and doing it quickly is often the difference between building a successful company and failure. As part of Pear’s seed platform, we’ve built a founder-first talent service to ensure that all of our companies have the highest chance of success.

These days, having a talent partner in venture capital is almost a given. Despite the prevalence of talent teams in venture, there remains a massive disconnect between what founders need and the services talent teams provide. The majority of teams are either too small to make a meaningful impact or unable to support the diverse talent needs across early and late stage companies.

This puts talent teams in a difficult position, forcing them to decide which founders receive support and limiting the type of support they offer. There’s a chasm between what founders truly need and what talent teams are able to provide, greatly reducing the impact of the support they offer.

At Pear, we’re determined to bridge this gap. Over the last 12 months, Nate (Meta, Uber) and I have been quietly piloting an in-house talent offering that directly addresses the shortcomings of the current venture talent model. With the recent additions of Maryna (Plaid, Neuralink, SpaceX) and Laura (Brex, Afterpay, Uber) to our team, we’re excited to officially launch our one-of-a-kind talent service, designed to directly address the most critical needs of our founders.

1. We’re early-stage specialists and early-stage specialists only. 

We focus solely on early-stage startups. We don’t pick and choose who we support. All of our founders receive the support they need from a talent team with deep expertise in the space.

2. We’re committed to making the first hires for our seed companies. 

We believe that simply making candidate introductions and giving advice is not enough. The only metric that really matters to founders is hires. That’s why we are committed to making the first hires for our seed companies.

3. We’re hands-on. We’re in the trenches with our founders.

We’re a hands-on talent team that works closely with our founders. We won’t just stop by to offer advice— we’re involved in the hiring process from start to finish, acting as the internal recruiting partner until our founders are ready to hire on their own.

4. We teach our founders how to hire for themselves. 

We aim to help our founders build a strong hiring foundation ensuring they have the necessary tools and skills required to maintain success in the long-term. Helping founders hire is important, but it means nothing if they can’t do it on their own later on. 

5. We do it for free.

We believe helping founders hire is a core offering that all VCs should provide. Our talent services are built into our DNA and are always free for our portfolio companies.

What’s next?

Beginning this year, all seed companies we invest in will have access to Pear’s talent support. The best companies are built by the best teams. By directly helping our founders make their first hires, we increase the chance of their success. 

Our goal at Pear has always been to help founders build incredible companies, and we’re proud to be doing just that.